VP of TX Nat’l Border Patrol Council: Gang Members and Criminals Sneaking Across Border

40-50% of border agents are being pulled off the line to deal with all the illegals in the US. This leaves the border open to gang members and criminals to stroll right across the border.

Gang members from Mexico, Central & South America with hard criminal records are being released to family members in the US who then move among the general American population. Each and every one of us is in danger by the reckless policies of the obama regime. The regimes revolving door policy (catch and release program) has resulted in sexual assaults, theft, robbery and murder committed against US citizens by illegals.

Have you noticed no one in DC is talking about this?! Before the SOB’s went away for summer break did you hear any of them talking about the gang bangers, hardened criminals and terrorists entering the US? No, they wanted to focus on the “humanitarian crisis” about all the “poor children escaping” who just want a chance. Children whose avg age is 12-17 and most are male! If the crisis was so serious how could they all just cut and run? The Senate, loaded with radical socialists, took off before the House voted on their supplemental bill so they made a big stink about the border but then cut and run! The fact that they all took a vacation instead of staying in DC and coming up with a solution to deal with this national security threat should tell every single America we don’t matter to DC!