DC Hospital Reports Patient Admitted With “Ebola Like Symptoms”

Oh what do you know this person traveled to Nigeria, how many others like them are in the US right now? Ebola is spreading like wildfire in West Africa and they ALL know it is bad and should take precautions yet thousands are contracting it! The experts are all coming out saying we have nothing to worry about but none of them have any real experience with this disease!

There are now 10 people in Dallas showing Ebola symptoms on top of the 100 being watched. Do people understand the math behind these deadly diseases? It’s not 1 or 2 people get it and them maybe 3 or 4. 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 16, 16 becomes 256 and so on. Why are there no travel restrictions being implanted? I would like someone to explain how is it the UN/US etc called to stop travel to Israel because the airport MIGHT be attacked, during the recent conflict, but travel to and from West Africa remains open!? This is the question the media should be asking and politicians should be demanding an answer to!

How many people are going to get sick and die before someone gets pro-active to stop the spread of this disease? Once again more proof our leaders do not care about our safety and probably welcome a pandemic because it will allow them to seize more power!