Sgt Tahmooressi is Back on US Soil!

Rumors the Sgt’s release would take longer than the immediate release order have clearly been debunked. Here is CA Rep Ed Royce with Sgt Tahmooressi on US soil!

Reps Ed Royce & Matt Salmon with Jill Tahmooressi and Montel Williams as they wait for Andrews arrival….

Rep Royce Sgt TahmooressiLets give thanks to the Congressman and fmr New Mexico Governor involved in getting Sgt Tahmooressi released. BUT let us also not forget that our “president” did absolutely nothing to help or get him released! Obama swapped 5 cold-blooded killers (Taliban Dream Team) for the release of a deserter (Bowe Bergdahl) but never lifted a finger for Andrew. Keep that in mind when Benito Obama takes a victory lap (possibly tomorrow in his weekly address) claiming another success for his admin when he and Sec of State John Kerry did absolutely nothing for Andrew’s release!