Boehner: Obama Playing ‘With Matches’ Will ‘Burn Himself’ Acting Alone on Immigration

Little Barry is not afraid to play with matches and has no fear that he will burn himself, frankly he looks forward to it. He may be burned now but in the long run that burn will be forgotten, but illegals new voters for progressives will the be the scar that remains!

Is Vegas taking bets Congress will do nothing when obama pulls the trigger on amnesty!? What everyone seems to miss is that Darth Hussein is going full Sith in spite of the repubs in power, but at dems who turned their back on him and more importantly the people who put the repubs in power!

Johnny just like Darth Hussein and all the dems left out WHY the immigration system is broken. Congress broke it and now they want to fix it. See it doesn’t matter who is in power the goals are the same both sides wants to legalize illegals because they know the people have had it with all of them. As quickly as the dems were canned the same can happen with the repubs so they need a new pool of guaranteed voters who will lock them in.

Hussein will do what he wants to do on his timeline, he made that clear during his press briefing. The clock has run out already with Boehner producing an immigration bill, obama wants the bill passed in the Senate to be passed in the House. The immigration reform bill passed in the Senate, S 744, is equivalent to obamacare over 1,200 pages long.