Judge Napolitano Explains How ObamaCare Could Collapse

The admin knowingly and intentionally duped the CBO, Congress and the American people. This is fraud but no one is labeling it as such and taking the necessary action to get it removed. Unfortunately those responsible for lying to the people cannot be held liable and would only pay a political price. This is why we need the American Center for Law and Justice or Landmark Legal to step in and file a class action lawsuit on behalf of the People v the US Govt!

But be warned if this radical Gruber is to get before a court he, like others whose hands are covered in blood, will lie and say whatever is necessary to keep barackobamacare in force. Remember barackobamacare provides those in power the framework to seize more power and control over the people. For this reason many in the GOP will balk and make excuses as to why they wont move for repeal or stall saying they need the White House.