Romney: If GOP Wins Majority in Congress They Will Pass Immigration Bill

Now a clip like this just puts everything in perspective doesn’t it? It supports what has been said here and other places that all Congress cares about is creating their new pool of uninformed dependent entitlement voters. The dopes in DC know we are angry at status quo, how the SNC and the imperial emperor have run this country into the ground pandering to illegals. Many republicans used that and built a campaign platform around it that they’ll “stop obama and his plans for amnesty”!

Have you heard ANYONE running for office saying “I want to go to DC not to create new immigration laws but have the ones not the books enforced and secure the border”? We do not need a comprehensive immigration bill, we already have immigration laws that aren’t being enforced. We the People want a border security bill period! Enforce the laws on the books, lock the border down, reign in the student visa program, finish the “danged” fence (better yet a wall would be nice) and send all illegals with criminal backgrounds back immediately. Stop with the entitlements and “bait” of free stuff that drives them here and they will self-deport! If anyone thinks obamacare was bad a comprehensive piece of legislation, a comprehensive immigration bill will dwarf it. We cannot trust Congress on any large comprehensive style legislation, they have screwed us time after time.

If the bobbleheads running for office think after they win they’re going to a pass an immigration bill giving his majesty what he and the SNC has wanted all along they have another thing coming. To do so would be the highest level of betrayal committed against the American people since barackobamacare was passed.

So let me just give a warning to the GOP. If you in fact win the majority and cough up an amnesty bill, immigration reform or whatever name you want to call it expecting the American people to stand by and take it, prepare for the gates of hell to open up on YOU! We will not standby and allow you SOB’s to turn Americans into second class citizens behind illegal aliens. Do it and watch what happens!