Hannity Clashes With Radical Islamic Cleric: I Still Think You’re an Evil SOB

Why am I posting this? Know they enemy, for once we get solid answers out of this radical cleric, who is a representation of millions of islamic radicals. Thankfully we are spared the typical back and forth talking over each other that we’ve normally seen when Hannity gets a radical like Anjem Choudary on his show. The cleric more or less put some liberal dismissive myths to bed solidifying everything we have suspected radical muslims want for the entire world.

Choudary confirms islamic radicals want:
– Sharia Law to govern worldwide (caliphate), it is the true islam
Men and women should be covered up when in public
– Apostates, adulterers (men & women), those committing sodomy (homosexuals) when found guilty of such “crimes” should be put to death
– Infidels aka Christians and Jews can live among muslims as long as they agree to live under sharia law. [He wouldn’t say it but this more or less means convert, pay the jizya(islamic tax) or die as Hannity tried to get him to admit]

Choudary clarified that islam is not a peaceful religion:

‘Who said it’s a peaceful religion? Islam does not mean peace Sean, it means submission. Submission to the commands of god. If you want to live peacefully with me, we can live “peacefully”…’

The problem here is to live “peacefully” with muslims, as Choudary would define it, means living under the islamic god and “his” laws aka sharia. Islamo-fascism is what we end up with as Sean argues at the end.

These radicals are bent on creating a world under sharia law and they are willing to die for it. There is no solution to this no way out IMO, it will lead to more bloodshed and loss of life. Moderate muslims silence is a confirmation of this and they are not a minority either! Someday there is going to be the mother of all fights unless somehow islamic radicals can be completely isolated waited out until they die off… we are in a no win situation.