Howard Dean Dismisses Role of Islam in French Terror Attack: Not Muslim Extremists

Leave it to a progressive like fmr Gov Howard Dean to dismiss radical islams role in the French terror attack. The terrorists heard saying allahu akbar and the prophet is avenged have no weight to radicals like Dean.

At this point terrorists could be dressed up in 14th century islamic garb be carrying the Koran in one hand and saber in the other killing people in the name of allah screaming allahu akbar and progs like Dean will still say they are not muslim extremists! To be this dismissive when it is so blatantly obvious is dangerous. It will only empower islamic radicals to do more because radicals like Dean will never call them out. Why is the fmr gov so quick to dismiss islams role in this attack? Whether it is him, regime members or the media many are quick to plant seed of doubt or give islamic radicals an escape hatch. They do it out of fear because they know if they speak out of line they might be next. So a clown like Dean thinks that if he doesn’t condemn the death cult he will be safe, when in reality he doesn’t understand if jihadis ever have the opportunity they take his head off!