ISIS Sympathizer Claims NYC Will Be Attacked Within Hours

ISIS NYC bombing threatPosting this up only as a warning for people to stay vigilant. This is most likely just some fool trying to scare people; for all we know it’s a 12 yr old punk making this all up. If it is, he or she should know they will be hunted down either way so be prepared to have your little world rocked!

This Egyptian ISIS sympathizer, wannabe whatever, Abu Ubaidah is making a bold threat that NYC will be attacked on a 9/11 scale. BUT here is the first problem, he claims it will happen at 3am?! No one is around 3 in the morning in NYC except some hookers, degenerates and maybe a few homeless. And no not saying their lives don’t matter ALL LIVES MATTER (well almost all, terrorists can burn in a pit of fire)… but if terrorists are going for mass casualties 3am is not the best time to launch an attack! So this should tell you there is probably nothing to worry about.

ISIS NYC bomb threat
(Using screen shots in case the Twitter account gets deleted, you can view his feed here)

For the sake of caution lets assume this is a typo and he means 3pm, who knows, but from the broken English it sounds like the potential target is a beauty/ hair salon near a gym. If you know of such places in NYC alert the police or other locations. DON’T PANIC, stay alert and be careful; that is sole purpose of this post.

With recent events in Australia, France and one man terror attacks(beheadings etc) we have had on US soil (denied as acts of terrorism by the obama admin) it is better be safe than sorry.

Lock and load, keep your powder dry and one eye open! Nothing is going to happen, have a nice day!