Obama Voters Support Idea of Obama Repealing Bill of Rights for National Security

“Yes, yes whatever he wants to do, it’s probably the best for the country…”

Mark Dice is back asking obama supporters if they support the idea to repeal the Bill of Rights to protect the US from ISIS, another 9/11, or Charlie Hebdo style terrorists attack. In lockstep fashion never questioning obama’s authority or Congress these obama voters, several admitting they don’t have a clue, agree wholeheartedly to give up their rights in the name of national security.

The level of cluelessness and stupidity among Americans never ceases to amaze me at this point. This country is dumb enough to elect obama twice, along with re-electing countless progressives back into power, it’s no wonder Americans would support the repeal of the Bill of Rights.

How much do you want to bet these people agreeing to repeal the Bill of Rights have never read it?! They probably think it is separate rules or laws from the Constitution but out of fear or appeasement to radical islam are in favor of giving up their rights. Yes these people are in fact willing to give up all of their freedoms for a little bit of security, which there is no guarantee they would be any safer! BTW this type of mentality is exactly what the radicals in power and muslim extremists want out of the avg John/ Jane Doe.

Benjamin Franklin in fact warned of this danger but it’s safe to assume most of these people don’t know who he is… bet they know who Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Hitler are though!