FCC Commissioner Warns Obama’s Internet Power Grab With Net Neutrality

We always go looking for people within the govt to speak out put up the warning flags when something bad is coming. Well here we have it but no one is paying attention to FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai who is ringing the warning bell about obama’s internet power grab.

Do you have an idea for a product or service, want to set up a blog, new site etc? Once the internet is made into a utility it will be regulated by the govt, which means anyone wanting to conduct any form of commerce will most likely have to get a license to be on the net. Good luck for news and opinion based websites like the one you’re reading this on because Net Neutrality will be a backdoor opportunity to squash First Amendment rights.

Net Neutrality has nothing to do with internet speeds, there is no problem with speed no one is complaining, it’s all about a power grab to silence free speech on the web. The internet is the biggest threat to progressive govts because of the sharing of information. Imagine if Net Neutrality was in place 4-5 years ago, do you think we would know what we know about Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservatives, have all those clips of obama LYING about obamacare or even more recent the 22 times he said he didn’t have the legal authority to grant amnesty?!

The biggest thorn in this govt or any govt’s side is the internet because it is the last frontier of true freedom. You can’t stop your opposition until you first silence them. The internet is a game changer in the way we do just about anything in life. Once upon a time you needed an agent or some middleman to get your work out to the masses. Not anymore with the net. You write books, stories, articles, record music, act etc can all be published and shared bypassing the middleman.. especially when it is political in nature criticizing the power elite. That’s pure freedom and it is something tyrants like obama will do everything possible to silence.

What happens every time someone fixes something that isn’t broke? They make it worse! Look at it this way do you want the same govt who ruined the DMV, AmTrak, healthcare etc in control of the internet? The net is not broken we do not need it fixed.

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