Mark Levin Blasts King Obama and the French Republicans at CPAC 2015

This is by far one of Mark Levin’s best speeches, everything he covers in this speech from obama violating the rule of law despising America to illegal immigration is 100% true! Levin indicts king obama in the exact same manner the Founding Fathers did to King George as he goes through a list of grievances in what would be a modern-day Declaration of Independence. The Great One could have gone on for hours but after going through the nation’s top complaints with obama he tore into our do nothing French republican party.

The majority of the GOP is no better than their (progressive) democrat brothers and sisters who asked for power and have done nothing but rollover to obama, Reid and Pelosi who have been running circles around them. Levin blasted the republicans under the same breath ripping into Reid saying “Harry Reid one of the most despicable, dumbest men to ever be leader of the Senate running circles around the republicans. That’s what happens when you have no principles, no strategy and no guts.” Someone want to explain how the GOP has a majority yet these three monsters are still dictating how the nation’s business will be conducted?!

Levin called for a new republican party but is that even possible? The last 3 elections conservatives tried to retake the party from the establishment and failed. The one disappointment from this speech is there was no mention of an Article V Convention of the States. This is the last bullet the Founders gave us to stop an out of control government. Not sure why Levin left it out, we are just about out of time.

“Two words… KILL ISIS”