Press Sec: Indiana Law ‘Not Consistent With Our Values’

What values would those be exactly Mr Propaganda Minister? Forcing business owners to participate in a religious event that is against their religious beliefs?! Anyone from this regime should be the last ones to talk about a law “not consistent with our values”. This regime has no values whatsoever unless we’re talking about being immoral, unethical and who attacks the very Christian-Judea values this nation was founded upon.

There is an enormous amount of misinformation going out about this Religious Freedom Restoration Act that was passed in Indiana. That shouldn’t be surprising since those who talk tolerance have zero tolerance for anyone who doesn’t agree with their politics, beliefs, and “alternative lifestyles”. So like typical progressive clockwork they go on the attack to mislead the public.

This law does not open the door for a business to discriminate against anyone over gender, sex preferences, color etc. What it does that the CRAP MEDIA doesn’t want people to know is it protects business owners from having to participate in a religious event that violates their religious belief system.

I’ll try to make this as simple as possible for anyone to understand. A bakery owner cannot discriminate from selling to gays/lesbians just because they are gay/lesbian. If you’re gay/lesbian and want to buy a cake, cupcake, a pie whatever you have that right and that business has to sell to you. Now if you are gay/lesbian planning your wedding and want said bakery to make you a wedding cake but they refuse because it violates their religious beliefs, this law will protects the bakery. It will prevent bakeries from being sued and FORCED to make a cake (aka participate in a gay/lesbian wedding) AS LONG AS the bakery owner can prove in court it violates their beliefs. Business owners are going to have to prove their position if it’s taken that far, got it? Frankly those of you in the LGBT community why would you want someone forced to make you a wedding cake if they don’t approve of your wedding?! Have you seen nightmare videos that come out of restaurants and fast-food joints of food being tampered with!? Just saying!

The same logic can be applied to photographers. Those of you in LGBT community can hire a photographer to photo you for myriad of reasons but again if you want to have them take pics of your wedding (aka participate in a religious ceremony that violates their beliefs) this law will allow them to refuse without fear of retribution. Again I’ll ask, why would you want them forced to do it in first place if they object to your ceremony? How many stories have you heard about wedding pics that got ruined or special moments missed etc?

Those of you on the left and in the LGBT community railing against Gov Pence and Indiana let’s say you own a bakery, are a photographer or own print shop….
How would you feel if religious kooks like the Westboro Baptist Church walked in wanting Leviticus 18:22 printed on shirts, banners etc?
How about a cake with a huge swastika in the middle?

We all know how you progressives would react from mouthing off almost immediately, telling them to get out of your store, don’t ever come back and then you would take to social media to rally the troops and go on the attack.

Sorry but you cannot have it both ways. If you push this be prepared for those examples above to happen. Oh and Apple CEO Tim Cook before you go condemning Pence & Indiana why don’t you rethink about opening Apple Stores in the middle east which do discriminate!