Propaganda Minister: Ammo Ban Proposal is ‘Common Sense’ Step

Well now make no mistake about whats been reported the Propaganda Minster, Josh Earnest, has made the regimes ammo ban proposal official. The only thing that is common sense about banning M855 ammo is that is was the logical move for this destructive potus to indirectly go after the Second Amendment. Obama said many times he believed in the Second Amendment and people’s right to have firearms but his actions speak louder than his words. After several failed attempts to ban weapons he will get his bans via executive orders.

You were warned many times America this radical would use taxes, regulations and fees to disarm you. Oh you can have guns he will just make it impossible to use them and turning your gun collection into the largest most expensive paperweight collection! Yes right now this proposal is on just one type of ammunition, M855 “armor-piercing”, but does anything this admin does ever stop with one move? No. If obama is permitted to get away with this clear violation of the Second Amendment he will expand it to other types of ammunition. This is how progressives work America, they chip away over time. First move is big because of a major threat, then when the dust settles everyone has moved on another ban will creep in and then another and another.

Congress clearly needs to be told what “…shall not be infringed” means. What are they doing about this new power grab? They are busy writing stern letters to a guy who couldn’t careless. Congress has surrendered the powers delegated to them under the Constitution to stop this out of control dictator. They stand idly by as this progressive radical has weaponized almost every single govt agency against the American people.

So what are we to do about it?

Got a paddle?