Self-Avowed Commie Van Jones Admits ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ is ‘Not Provable’

‘Not provable’?! Hand up don’t shoot was an outright lie told by Michael Brown’s accomplice Dorian Johnson after the shooting. Those words sparked riots, destruction of property, assaults, innocent business owners losing their livelihoods and life savings! All this commie can admit it to is it isn’t provable! It didn’t happen and that’s not we arm-chair quarterbacks saying this, it’s the DOJ saying it didn’t happen!

Gotta love Van Jones redirecting the discussion after he couldn’t bring himself to admit it was a lie and talk about all the racism happening in the evil US. Yes this country is so racist we went ahead and elected a “black man” (which he isn’t) to the presidency not once but twice. Remember now dems are adamant to make it clear blacks are a minority so that means this “black president” was elected by white people! White racists elected a black man….

Do you see the insanity? This crap is never going to end until we get the radicals out of govt, run the special interests out of town and get the media under control.