You Won’t Believe What Club the Asst Dean of This Ivy League School Advised How to Start Up

This video is one more reason folks to keep your kids out of the colleges and universities! This is the kind of advising the tuition pays for at an Ivy League School like Cornell University?! Ok we get it the school wants to be open and diverse to all types of young activists, but either Asst Dean Scaffido is insane or completely ignorant about who and what ISIS is.

The Project Veritas investigator didn’t hold back on asking questions about who and what the club will want to support. The dean didn’t seem to have any problem with the ISIS or Hamas being mentioned going on to even suggest how school funding could be made available to fund this club! The shocker was when the investigator asked if it would be okay to have a “freedom fighter” come and give training to university students that the dean had no problem with: “It’s just like bringing in a coach, to do a training on a sports team or something.”


Could you imagine if a conservative student asked about setting up group that was “politically incorrect” like supporting Jews/IDF, gun rights, Pro-Constitution etc!? FYI Cornell alumni the funding the dean suggests that may be available to fund this club comes out of your donations! Its one think to green light a socialist, atheist, pro-abortion or other hardcore liberal club, but to advise on a club that supports terrorists cmon! Cornell admin you might want to ask Scaffido to take some time off while you get your priorities straight! I mean people are arrested for simply getting on a plane to go fight with ISIS this guy is advising how to create a support group for the cold-blooded killers!