ICE Director: Agents Risk ‘Termination’ For Not Enforcing Obama’s Immigration Policy

This is a load of bull because obama’s executive amnesty was stopped via Fed Judge Andrew Hannan‘s injunction. Americans should find it disturbing that Congressional members sat in this hearing accepting this answer from ICE Dir Sarah Saldana. Agents etc should not be in fear of termination for following illegal unconstitutional laws or in this case executive orders.

The Border Patrol and Homeland Security employees/ agents do not work for obama. They all, incl obama, work for the American people and have taken an oath to protect and defend the US. Those who hold this oath in high regard are violating it when they do what emperor obama decrees from the imperial throne room that is a violation to the Constitution… ya know that old dusty document they swore to uphold. Everyone from DHS to the US military needs to take a serious gut check and decide whose side they are on. We the people should not have to remind them the oath and loyalty is to God and Country not man and govt!