O’Reilly to Secular Progressives: ‘Stop Denigrating People of Faith’

The reason topics like gay marriage controversy and others are covered on STR is to put light on the growing threat of liberty and freedom from radical secular leftists/ liberals/ progressives. They are actively engaged in fascism in this country forcing individuals and corporations to submit to their ways or be literally destroyed. The left is all in favor of the First Amendment as long as you agree with their views, if not you are fair game! The vicious unrelenting attacks the left will engage in against ANYONE who doesn’t submit to what they want is getting worse by the day. These modern-day fascists will go after your business, job, family, reputation if you defy them.

These hypocrites once upon a time would claim they were champions of speaking out against govt and those infringing on people’s rights, but look at them now. Now they want big government in every aspect of our lives, they will do everything possible to silence dissent especially those whose dissent is based on religious beliefs. If the left had their way religion would be banned in this country which would also open the door to reinterpretation of the Constitution since it is based on Christian-Judea beliefs. That of course is the end goal for the radical left if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Destroy mans relationship with God, then they can destroy the biggest thorn in their side, Constitution, to fundamentally transform America.