Sheriff Clark Responds to Sharpton’s Call for New Federal Police Laws: Every Time He Opens His Mouth He Takes Ignorance to New Heights

Master smear merchant and the #1 racist in America Al Sharpton wants to change how the police do their jobs following the Walter Scott shooting. IMO this tax dodger who should be in prison was given his talking points by the imperial regime to move the goal post closer to federalize the police(as obama promised in 2008). The Scott shooting had nothing to do with proper policing procedures demonstrating the high level of ignorance he has as Sheriff Clarke points out. What we have is a traffic stop that went terribly wrong because of a bad cop. And for the record had Walter Scott not ran away he would be alive today!

Thankfully we have respectable people in law enforcement, like David Clarke, who can explain and put everything in perspective making it clear we don’t need more rules/ laws or govt intrusion in our lives. No new law or the govt taking over police is going to change whats in someones head and heart. Al Sharpton knows this but he is all about big govt control and doing whatever is necessary to restrict cops ability from keeping his drones in line!