Congress Ceding More Power to Obama Under Trade Deal

Based on what is being reported (below), the trade bill and fast track trade bill are going to give his majesty power on climate change, immigration and God knows what else…

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RedState – GOP Sellout? As #ObamaTrade TPA Vote Nears, More Ugly Details Emerge
GWP – Obama: Trade Bill Will Advance One of My Highest Priorities — “Climate Change”
RightScoop – Mark Levin: Fast Track trade bill massively expands Obama’s executive authority over immigration

Why are immigration powers being included in a trade bill to begin with?! Not only won’t Congress let us see the big trade bill but the majority of them haven’t even read it! What the hell is going on? If they haven’t read it then who in the blue hell wrote it!? Ya see this is why the people have absolutely no faith nor trust in this govt anymore. Why Americans haven’t taken to the streets with pitchforks and torches is beyond me. The only thing one can conclude is these bastard in DC have done one hell of a job conditioning, wearing down and desensitizing the American people to bend over and take it!

This country is an airplane in an uncontrollable dive at this point. Progressives (republican and democrat) are systematically working to empower king obama. We the people have absolutely no representation in Washington. What is even more concerning is how many republicans have turned so easily to give him everything he wants. Paul Ryan has done a complete 180 since losing the 2012 election. He has been off the radar working with Luis Gutierrez on amnesty and now he is doing his thing with this trade agreement. He is of course joined by Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the RINO losers who call themselves republicans.

What all these people in power are doing is securing their little empires while we the people will be left holding the bag.

Stay asleep America keep lying to yourself someone will come along and do something. When SHTF don’t you dare whine and complain “how come no one said anything”. You’re being warned, but you’re just too busy with your little world to do something. Those of you in brass SHAME ON EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!