Mark Levin: Obama’s True Bible – Rules for Radicals

Listen to this and you will understand why Mark Levin is referred to as the Great One. He has had obama nailed dead to rights since day one.

If you havent figured it out yet then this clip from Levin’s show will clearly layout exactly what obama, the progressive movement and marxist revolutionaries are doing to this nation, and doing it successfully!

America you cannot sit on the sidelines anymore bitching and complaining to your close circle of friends and family while remaining silent publicly. To be silent is to speak. Your silence empowers everyone from obama down to the local leftist activists.

It is time to start fighting back, speaking out against the destroyers of this country. This last week alone should have your blood boiling to get active. Yes, it’s time for civil disobedience Dan Bongino and anyone else posing that question. It’s time to stand in opposition against the radicals civil within the rule of law as I have been screaming ALONE for years!

No one is coming to this nations rescue. There is no Jack Bauer, Jedi Knights, Batman, George Washington or Ronald Reagan coming to save us. This nations salvation is going to take all of you silent afraid to rock the boat to wake up to reality, get off your asses, stop complaining and bring this fight to the progressives front door! The left knows your scared and it’s why they keep doing the same thing over and over again because it works. But it only works because of fear. Fear you will be labeled a racist, bigot, hater etc. Accept the name calling labeling and attacks that will come who cares! Are you going to go down fighting or help the left by digging your own grave?

Stop playing their game start playing your game….