Dem Presidential Candidate Sen Sanders: Ban All Guns Used for Self-Defense

Self-avowed socialist, democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wants to see all guns used for self-defense banned. Like a good commie he used creative language saying

“… we need to make sure that certain types of guns used to kill people exclusively, not for hunting, they should not be sold in the United States.”

This is clearly absurd as every single weapon produced is to be used to subdue, injure and yes kill another human being. Gun manufacturers do not make guns that are only intended for hunting.

At least he is being semi-honest where as other dems will hide and rant about the need for more gun control. Fact of the matter is, democrats have gotten their way on gun control for a very long time. They have won so many times people cannot open carry, obtain concealed weapons permit and the grand daddy of them all the establishment of gun free zones.

What more in the way of gun control can be established when there are gun free zones everywhere?! Sanders spells it out as clear as day! Disarming the public is the end goal of all dictators and tyranny. You won’t hear Hillary or other dems saying this but you can be sure they agree with Sanders 100%!

The Second Amendment is and never was about hunting. It is the people’s last line of defense against a tyrannical govt.