Mark Levin: “Obama Has Planted The Seeds of World War III”

I have been looking for the right words to sum up what obama has done with this one-sided Iranian nuke deal. Many suggest this nuke deal is the equivalent to Neville Chamberlain taking Hitlers word. But as bad as the Nazi’s were they didn’t have nukes and/ or believe in some insane ideology that they have to bring on the apocalypse to hasten the return of their messiah.

Mark Levin is correct saying “obama has planted the seeds of World War III”. With Iran getting the bomb (and they will regardless of what this deal or anyone involved says) other Arab nations will now be in a nuclear arms race. Every bullet point Levin runs through is correct. The Iranians cannot be trusted and for the record the ICBM’s they are building are not meant to hit Israel, they are to hit the US. As far as inspections go they get 24 days warning and also a say whether an inspection is necessary. Some will say “so what the US, her allies and Russia have nuke”, this is true but unlike the middle east those with nukes are more disciplined and comprehend what Mutually Assured Destruction means.

We have a death cult running loose in the most unstable part of the planet who would love to get their hands on nukes. Imagine if the arms race already existed and Syria is one of the nations with nukes. ISIS practically controls the entire country. Either Assad would use them or if/ when he was to fall the most dangerous terror group on the planet would become a nuclear power! Yes, I’m suggesting no one in the middle east can be trusted with nukes. Few years ago we were all on the edge with the threat of Pakistani nukes falling into the wrong hands. Things are much worse now in that region today than 5-10 years ago.

If you think Congress will stand up against obama you’re dreaming. As Levin points out they have given away their powers to this radical president. They are a complete and utter failure, and will do nothing to stop obama.

We are going into extremely dangerous times….