Obama Supporting Liberals Sign Petition to Tax the White Man

The lack of intelligence, outright stupidity and frankly racism (as Dice points out) by those who follow obama is never surprising. White privilege is a cooked progressive narrative to manipulate minorities that should be called what it really is racism toward whites. If there is white privilege why are millions of white people unemployed, living in poverty, many lacking a basic education?

The people signing Dice’s petition know nothing about what is going on in the world. What they know they are told by their handlers who have successfully set race relations back 40 years and from the looks of it are trying to spark a race war at this point.

The US is in dire trouble and sorry to say there is NOTHING to undo the mess we are in economically/socially etc. No man, woman or thing can save us a restart is a must, the question to ask is who will be leading the nation, a conservative or a progressive?