Gov Perry Gets Grilled for Having No Solution to Deal With 11Mil Illegal Aliens in US

Fox’s Charles Payne called Governor Perry out for a solution on illegal immigration outside of border security. From Gov Perry’s response it’s clear he really has no solution on how to deal with the 11+ million illegals in the US.

This interview could very well be the nail in Perry’s campaign. We have heard it in his announcement and appearances that he told obama to secure the Texas border or he would. We have heard repeatedly his call to secure the border and deploy air assets, but none of that is going stop people rushing the border with all the incentives in place. Perry and all the other candidates who are being critical of Donald Trump’s plan (mind you Sen Jeff Sessions helped write it, so it’s not trash) better have solutions to deal with the 11m illegal aliens in the US instead of campaign talking points.

The majority of Americans agree and are on board with the border being secured first but something has to be done about the illegal aliens in the US. Simple solution is to cut off the free stuff! Free food, housing, education, medical care etc is all bait bringing illegals here not to mention their manipulation of the 14th Amendment (Anchor Babies). Whether people want to admit it or not, this Amendment has been abused (its original intent was to grant citizenship to the children of slaves) and has to go. Sorry Governor it is not political rhetoric to change the Constitution. Look we had the 18th Amendment on prohibition and then it was repealed, the time has come for the 14th Amendment to meet the same fate.