Mark Levin RIPS O’Reilly on 14th Amendment: Doesn’t Know What the Hell He’s Talking About

Levin ripped into Bill O’Reilly (8pm’r) for attacking him over the 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship. The Constitution is clear illegals born in the US are not entitled to citizenship, but leave it to O’Reilly to find some lib professors, from all places UC Berkeley like this Yoo, to agree with him.

Here’s how you know Bill is full of crap, which only strengthens Levin’s argument: He will NEVER put Mark Levin on air or go on Levin’s show to debate the issue.

Keep in mind O’Reilly is the same guy who has repeatedly thrown challenges out to people who disagree with him to come on air to debate an issue yet runs and hides when a challenge is thrown at him by a guy like Levin who will bite back!