Welcome to the United Police States of America: Cop Pulls Gun on Man Over Being Recorded

This is a perfect and clear example of police abuse of power and thuggery! Don McComas by the Rohnert Park police officers own admission (and departure) was doing nothing wrong yet the cop had the audacity to run McComas’ vehicle tags, approach and draw his weapon on McComas! To make matters worse the cop then labels McComas a “Constitutionalist.. crazy guy” clearly fishing for something or to get a rise out of this victim so as to charge him with a crime! So now anyone being for the rule of law, desire for those in power to honor the Constitution and recording questionable behavior of public servants on private property is now deemed a “crazy guy”?

Cop Pulls Gun on Man Over Being Recorded 0America there are a lot of good cops out there but bad ones like in this example are making our lives more difficult. Take Don’s advice and make sure anytime you have an encounter with police that you have a camera rolling. If your civil rights are violated by law enforcement, like in this video, do not dismiss the event, file charges and if need be a hefty lawsuit! The only way this madness is going to stop is when people lose their jobs but especially when LARGE settlements have to be paid out! I hope Don McComas not only goes after this bad cops badge but his F*****G pension and the city’s coffers!

“Prior to pulling out my camera and hitting record this cop pulled slowly into my court then just stopped infront of my house for a good 30 seconds while I was trying to hook my boat up to my Excursion. I stood up and just watched him. He ever so slowly pulled away, circled the court opposite my house and then just parked facing my house. After an honest couple of minutes I pulled out my camera and pressed record. As minor as some would say it was, when I saw his gun gripped in his hand I really thought he was going to shoot me and claim my hand was in my pocket” HidnNOS M

h/t FreeThoughtProject

  • John Redmond

    the communist territory of CA and I am not surprised.

  • Steve Kanakanui

    So now people that believe in our Constitution are considered “crazy Constitutionalist” by law enforcement ???..I hope this guy filed a complaint against this corrupt scumbag cop ..

    • Peter Chronis

      Hope this cop gets fired now that this post is going nation wide, I live in this same town and it will be interesting to see what develops!

    • Scott Sourile

      The cop did nothing wrong.

  • James Paterson

    He should have told him that the constitution is the document he swore to uphold. But obviously in California the constitution is not a document to defend and anyone who believes in it are considered crazy.

  • dkgambler

    God complex, small schlong, steroid abuse. One or more of the aforementioned is usually the cause.

  • Wil Kaye Van-Liles

    I live in Oklahoma, out in the country. It was a quiet Friday night, about 11:00 pm nothing happen. All of sudden we heard cop sirens one car coming from the east then another coming from west. They were going in and out of people’s drive ways, my husband and I were outside relaxing in front of our fire pit, him playing guitar. Next the cops pulled in our neighbors drive way walked up to our fence. We walked closer to talk, to one officer he ask did we call him, next I saw 2 other cops walking toward us with their hands on their guns. We said no, bu I ask what going, cop said they have a report of someone hooting and hollering.. it was quiet night. In this state they will put you in jail for being poor. If you get pulled over for some traffic problem, get a ticket you can pretty much expect to pay double fines after you pay they want more money for paper work. If you can’t pay right away you will have a warrant out for your arrest. So you go to jail lose your job, can’t pay rent, food, utilities. What little money you have your going to feed your family, pay the rent, and pay utilities. Let your car insurance going, until get back on your feet again. But this state won’t let that happen. Now you license suspend, cause you can’t afford insurance. So here is another fine double to, still can’t pay for your children are hungry, need a roof over their heads, heat to stay warm. Now you get a knock on your door, your going to jail. Now your family is going to be homeless. I have found out in this state more people are living without heat, water, electric. Cause they can’t afford to pay insurance and keep their family in a home, food on the table. This is a police state, and it’s getting worse.

  • Rande Richnow

    The officer put his foot in it and now he smells it. Time to go. I’ll make sure I never go to Rohnert Park, CA because the hotel and sales taxes on the products there go to paying police like this.

  • aladdinsane22

    that cop is a total dick and should be fired.

    • Freethinker02

      More than that. The officer should face criminal charges for threatening to use deadly force against a guy holding nothing more than a frickin’ camera.

      Behavior only changes when consequences cause pain.

      • Scott Sourile

        The officer did nothing wrong. You know, officers have the right to protect thief life too.

  • MarioRom

    The police are there to protect the citizen, and they swear an oath to support and defend that “crazy” Constitution. Many of them have forgotten thia concept, and perhaps there should be a periodid reaffirmation of that oath. While I can appreciate the concerns of the citizen making the recording, I also have to defend the cop (up until he pulled his sidearm) for “watching” him hook up the boat. I’m sure the concern was “Is this guy stealing that boat?” and was looking for tell tale signs like having trouble connecting the hitch. I’m sure if the cop told the guy that, it would have de-escallated the situation.

    • n10dkf

      Warren v District of Columbia: the fascist pigs are not there to help you. They serve and protect the government and generate revenue.

  • kewee

    Obama has put everyone on EDGE sad but very true !

  • dilligaf421

    this asshat needs to lose his job and any pension he may have built up.

  • Tracy Stout-Powers

    What did he mean when he said the cops had done enough to his family?

    • Scott Sourile

      Probably nothing. The guy seems to be a wealthy kid with nothing better to do than to start trouble.

  • hagere

    Let me tell you something: if it had been a black person, they would have been shot and died on the spot. His white privileged saved him.

    • Scott Sourile


      If you’re going to make a weak point, at least use the proper tense.

  • chickief

    There is no cause here! Checking to see if the boat is being hijacked/stolen could be verified in a minute by checking to see that the car is registered to that same address. No cause to get out of the vehicle and interact in a openly hostile/adverse manner with this person. Dumb a$$ could have stopped and had a nice chat and found out everything he needed to know without the hostility, “hi, nice boat, I been thinking of getting 1, how’s it handle in the water/or how does it tow behind your Excursion”. Any number of things could have been said, but weren’t.

    • Scott Sourile

      So, there isn’t any cause in seeing what a stranger man is doing in a neighborhood just video taping? Or wouldn’t be at all possible the guy was video recording private residents from outside their windows? And when this stranger refuses a simple request to just remove his hands from his pockets, the cop had no right to prepare to defend himself?

      • chickief

        The simple thing would have been to get out of the patrol car and make conversation about the boat/car and determine if there was cause. The person filming could have been taking photos of his own car in his own driveway, which is what it appears he was doing when the whole thing became hostile. Incidentally, I come from a long line of LEO’s (father, grandfather and ex-husband) and can in nearly all cases defend them but not this one.

  • Scott Sourile

    The one filming is an idiot. The cop didn’t threaten anyone. He pulled out his gun, but it was never once pointed at him. A guy alone with a video camera in a suburban neighborhood looks suspicious enough, the officer was just asking questions. The officer then asks the man to remove his hand from his pocket, to be sure there is no weapon, and the man refuses the simple request. Of course the officer was going to pull his weapon. It would take less than a second to pull a gun, or a knife, and attack the officer; and at their distance, contact was all but assured. And having a camera doesn’t assure the idiot was not going to do anything, for all the cop knew, the man wanted to murder a cop for YouTube hits.

    In a nutshell, the guy with the camera was trying to start trouble, and the officer assessed (thankfully this time) that the guy with a camera was just an idiot.

    • James Farrauto

      You’re right. I thought that the guy filming this was being a jerk. That cop had every right to do what he was doing. The guy filming this was trying to entice the officer. I hope this does get back to his precinct, he would be commended for the way he handled this.

  • Rick Costill

    Much later that very night our antagonistic film maker hears a window shatter downstairs – his house is being broken into. They are stealing things downstairs. He locks himself in his bedroom and hides under the bed. He has only his cell phone. The men who broke in the house are now coming up his staircase … who does he call?? Who does he call? That’s right! He calls You Tube,