7th Grader Tells School Board Students Were Forced to Deny God or Fail

“Today I was given an assignment in school that questioned my faith and told me that God was not real. Our teacher had started off saying that the assignment had been giving problems all day. We were asked to take a poll to say whether God is fact, opinion or a myth and she told anyone who said fact or opinion was wrong and God was only a myth”

Hey Congress this 7th grade girl, Jordan Wooley, has more guts to stand up for her beliefs, in this case religious, than all of you on any issue!

The school system is completely corrupted with anti-religious progressives. I don’t care what religion a kid is no teacher should be running a class telling kids their belief in God is a myth threatening them to conform with the teachers agenda or take a failing grade. Who wants to bet the teacher has tenure and is untouchable now?! Wanna stop this garbage? For a start, stop giving teachers to professors tenure!

America there is a concerted effort by the radical left (progressives) to destroy this nations relationship with God which is the basis of our founding. Why? Simple, destroy the “idea” of God, destroy our religious faith and foundation to the point of dismissal then you open the door to destroying the Constitution. Don’t say it isn’t happening either look at what they’ve done so far up to including the Supreme Court redefining what marriage is. This is all by design, you can bank on it.

99% of the time the left will deny the Constitution is based on Judea-Christian beliefs but when they get their way they will acknowledge it to justify re-interpreting the Constitution. That is why the left is constantly attacking religion, they hate it because it is the foundation of our laws. Destroy it you open the door to destroying the Constitution which they’ve been working on since (at least) Woodrow Wilson was in power.

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