Dershowitz Slams College PC Culture: Fog of Fascism is Descending Quickly

Alan Dershowitz weighed in on the PC uprising by college students around the country. It’s very entertaining to see these liberal institutions get taken apart with the language and tactics they teach but Dershowitz warns they were the first ones to burn books.

The college and university system is clearly very anti-American where many believe it’s okay for them to have free speech but not anyone who disagrees with them. This insane belief system has spilled over into our culture resulting in out of control political correctness. From this as the doctor explains fascism descends which endangers all of us. If it doesn’t you can bank on seeing a repeat of riots and unrest from the 1960’s over silly issues we’re seeing today. Charges of racism and invasion of space?! The First Amendment is offensive even oppressive so lets riot! This is pure insanity and this wussification of America, created by these schools, is backfiring where you would think someone at these institutions would try to get students under control. Dershowitz even called on faculty that “if you’re going to be a college administrator or a professor, if you have tenure, you have to speak back to the students.” That of course hasn’t happened so one must conclude the tension, unrest, riots and destruction is all the progressive elites in power want so they can rebuild the nation into their sick and twisted vision.