Black Supremacist Who Said Open Season on Whites Warns Every Muslim Will Declare War on America

Oh look our pal self-proclaimed “King” Noble is back issuing a warning to the America. Apparently evil America through religious persecution, oppression and associating all muslims with terrorists is going to force moderate muslims to become terrorists! Yes, his logic is if we don’t stop the hate, associating all muslims with terrorists and persecute them over their beliefs they’ll become terrorists…. We evil Americans will have to worry about standing in line and getting killed in the “most heinous way”! Noble also warns those who engage in jihad won’t care about gun control, (see dems laws don’t matter to the lawless) they’ll use anything they can get their hands on to kill people.

Majority of Americans have a problem with radical islam. No one is attacking muslims. There is no religious persecution or oppression against any muslim in America. Their mosques, and businesses owned by muslims are open. Muslims are free to go about their lives in America. They are not being forced out of or segregated from any business or institution. This guy is a black supremacist who is looking to stoke flames and create multi-pronged race war in America after he said it was open season on white people and cops.

So WHERE is DOJ Chief Loretta Lynch? Is this not hateful violent rhetoric? According to Lynch had this been anyone talking in a hateful manner towards muslims they would be prosecuted. Why aren’t racists and self-proclaimed black supremacists calling for violence, open season on whites etc being prosecuted? Double standard from progressives in power is off the charts.

Watch your backs America.