Dem Congressman Isn’t Concerned With Terrorists Infiltrating the Refugee Program

Dem Rep Andre Carson appeared on the Lead with Jake Tapper calling Trump a “modern-day PT Barnum” and when asked about terrorists infiltrating the refugee program he said it “doesn’t concern” him. Like most democrats Carson trivialized those infiltrating to other bad seeds like cops, and those abusing the system. He was more concerned about the rhetoric coming from certain presidential candidates and the ramifications of their words. He states this “toxic” language is putting “Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, and others into the line of fire, exposing them to death threats, discrimination at the workplace and assaults…” and he had received a death threat as well.

American security as usual has to take a back seat to political correctness and silencing free speech. It’s not Christians, Buddhists or Atheists running around killing, beheading, crucifying and raping people screaming Allah Akbar! The muslim community is going to have to bite the bullet and accept because of their silence for decades they will be under scrutiny.

BTW you should know Carson was one of the dems claiming racial slurs were made when obamacare was passed but provided no proof. He is a muslim convert who supported the Iran nuke deal and believes American schools should be like islamic madrassas!