Press Sec Can’t List Any Law That Would Stop Mass Shooting

This regime has one last cause to champion before obama is out of office, and that is to disarm the American people. In a pathetic attempt to rationalize the regimes position Josh Earnest invokes the FLAWED no-fly list. What the Propaganda Minister doesn’t seem to comprehend is this thing called due process; you idget! If people on no-fly/ watch list are such a threat then prosecute them! Why is this regime allowing terrorists to live among the people? Furthermore if one is on said list the background check system gun dealers are using will flag them. Terrorist and criminals are not going down to the local gun store or gun show to buy a gun! This whole issue is infuriating as the regime looks for excuses to infringe on Americans Second Amendment rights.

This admin is completely out of control and Congress is to blame for allowing it to get this far. Our rights to self-defense with a gun supersedes the admin and gun grabbers irrational and ignorant fear of guns.

Police take up to 12 minutes to respond to a 911 call. Most mass killings, home invasions etc happen in approx 6-10 minutes. We the people are the first responders (sorry police you are not) and this govt under Darth Hussein thinks we should be left helpless.