Press Sec: Obama’s Legal Team Working “In Relatively Short Order” on Gun Control Exec Action


The first of many Executive Actions/Orders for gun control are coming, cooked up by Obama’s legal team that will no doubt legally bypass Congress. Before they go after peoples gun rights over no-fly lists they might want to get the system fixed since 72 DHS employees, former Senators, news anchors, elderly and children are on said list. It should be entertaining how they concoct an EO violating ones 5th Amendment right to due process!

The gun show loophole which is a rarity would require any and all private sales to go through a federal firearms licensed dealer (FFL). So that would mean family members would have to have background checks made on each other if for example a father was to GIVE his gun to his son or daughter, or if one was to sell to their neighbor etc. But you se America that’s what this regime wants, everyone who owns a gun’s name getting run through a database you know they are keeping track of.

As for making things harder fro criminals to get their hands on guns, sorry Minister criminals and terrorists don’t go to the corner gun shop or local gun show to buy a gun! San Bernardino terrorist attack was proof of this with the rifles used being purchased by a “friend”.

Darth Hussein™ only has 13 mos remaining to run whats left of this country into the ground, widening the divide among the people. His greatest achievement, aside from obamacare, Iran nuke deal and other “winners”, would be taking away Americans rights to self defense through regulations and fees that DO NOT require Congress’ approval.

This legal team Josh Earnest, the regimes Propaganda Minster, refers to may have been tripped up with amnesty but they learn from their mistakes. Remember the Constitution is a “charter of negative liberties” in his majesty and his regimes minds. It may take time but they will chisel away on the Second Amendment as they have done with all of our rights. Should another Sandy Hook occur all no poll against gun bans will stop him or the demoncrat party.