Admin Admits Funds From Obama-Clinton Iran Deal Will Go to Fund Terrorism

We know money from the sanctions relief in the Obama-Clinton/(Kerry) [Clinton is taking victory laps on this deal so she owns it too] nuke deal will go to legit use for Iran’s infrastructure but there is no doubt they will funnel money to terror groups they sponsor around the world. By these obama admin representatives (Sec Kerry and Josh Earnest) admitting funds will go to terrorism is this not aiding and abetting an enemy of the US?

Even as Sec Kerry and others were sitting at the negotiation table the Iranians were chanting “Death to America”. That said these are not the words of an ally but an enemy where the last time I checked under Article 3 Sec 3 is an act of treason to lend aid! Is it a stretch to say treason has been committed? Probably, but since I’m wrong what would you call it?

Please myself, countless Americans and our allies around the world, who have to worry about being attacked, would like to know how allowing this death cult nation who has been armed with nukes and billions of dollars to arm terrorists have nothing to worry about!?