Trump: ‘I Could Stand in the Middle of 5th Avenue and Shoot Somebody and I Wouldn’t Lose Any Voters’

Really America is this the kind of demigod you want as POTUS? We already have one you scream and holler about daily who abuses his power. The last thing we need is a leader who thinks he is this powerful and above the law. And NO, no one is saying Trump would actually do this but it is this attitude he has that is a danger. Do we need someone with this kind of temperament dealing with other leaders who could say the wrong thing out of the heat of the moment?

If you are a conservative and TEA Party activist who supports Trump aren’t you concerned that he takes you for granted even thinking this low of you? Listen to the crowd they actually cheered and applauded him saying he could shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose voters! What does that say about our country? Have you truly abandoned all your values, MORALS and principles you’ve been fighting for over the last 10+ years for someone who will do what he wants because obama, the democrat party… progressives have been so destructive and divisive to America?

This isn’t who we are America. I implore you to do your homework on this man outside of sources who are bias with their devout support of Trump. You were enraged over the lack of proper vetting of obama, please don’t make the same mistake in 2016, this nation cannot survive another divisive destructive presidency.