MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Hillary Clinton as Qualified as Founding Fathers to be President

It’s been a while since someone at MSDNC said something stupid since most of the loose cannon hosts failed and are out of work. BUT… there’s always a but, get some duct tape to wrap around your head for this one.

MSNBC’s progressive tool Joy Reid had the audacity to claim Hillary is as qualified as the Founding Fathers to be president!

Sorry don’t recall the Founders being caught up in one scandal after another? I must have missed the reports of how they left American soldiers who called for help to die too. Remember all the shady backroom deals the Founders made to get rich?! And apparently based on this comparison the Founders were in on it with King George to set the world a blaze as Hillary has today! Everything in her path as Sec of State is practically a wasteland… the middle east is on fire, it has spread to Europe with America to follow.

Washington, Jefferson, Adams etc were honorable men with morals and values, respected the rule of law, who put country ahead of their personal ambitions.

Hillary Clinton should be in jail. 

It is beyond insulting for Reid to make this comparison, every single American should be outraged. And the heads of MSDNC wonder why their ratings are in the toilet!