Trump Mocked People For Using Teleprompter, Now He’s Using One

Donald Trump, as you see, doesn’t like people using teleprompters. He has mocked people using them including Hillary and obama but that all changed today. After sweeping 5 northeast primary states, that will go blue in the general election, Trump proves he will change to whatever he has to and used a teleprompter during his foreign policy speech.

I know, I know Trump supporters he’s going to be “more presidential” is it? That’s funny because he said there was no reason to change but there he goes…

I’m sure you or Hannity, Bolling, Coulter etc will come up with some excuse for another Trump flip-flop. You guys remember how irate you got with obama, his lies flip-flops and the excuses from his surrogates? How come it’s bad when obama does it but okay when Trump does the same thing?