Told Ya So! In Wake of Left’s Push to Raise Min Wage Wendy’s Moves to Automation

As a result of minimum wage hikes and rising costs Wendy’s Restaurants announced they will begin offering self-service kiosks to all 6000 of their restaurants!

Now someone way back in May of 2015 warned this was coming when all the $15 /hour protests were amping up, who was it that said this was coming?…… Oh yea ME! The tough love delivered then still stands now, and for the record that was a stand alone piece on something I have been warning about for years in other economic related posts. There is only so far you can push a company until they fight back replacing people with machines. Granted Wendy’s is offering this option to any store that wants it you can be sure few years down the road it will be standard in all restaurants. That’s how these things start out, small, test marketing and when the bean counters have actual facts and figures they will make it policy.. BANK ON IT!

So all of you $15er’s on the left keep pushing for higher wages for low-skilled work and watch what happens. You are not only screwing yourselves out of work but other people too, who are unemployed that would welcome whatever current minimum wage is!

Wendy’s Serves Up Big Kiosk Expansion As Wage Hikes Hit Fast Food
by Jed Graham | IBD
Wendy’s (WEN) said that self-service ordering kiosks will be made available across its 6,000-plus restaurants in the second half of the year as minimum wage hikes and a tight labor market push up wages.

It will be up to franchisees whether to deploy the labor-saving technology, but Wendy’s President Todd Penegor did note that some franchise locations have been raising prices to offset wage hikes.

McDonald’s (MCD) has been testing self-service kiosks. But Wendy’s, which has been vocal about embracing labor-saving technology, is launching the biggest potential expansion.

Wendy’s Penegor said company-operated stores, only about 10% of the total, are seeing wage inflation of 5% to 6%, driven both by the minimum wage and some by the need to offer a competitive wage “to access good labor.” more