Currency Crisis Coming Will Be Worse Than 2008 Crash (Watch)

“..the Fed has to stop buying bonds as it tries to unwind its balance sheet, but in doing that we’re going to prick a lot of bubbles. Stocks are going to crash, real estate is going to crash, banks are going to fail it’s going to be 2008 all over again..”

What Peter Schiff is saying here is divest your assets and telling people to prepare because no one listened the last time around. If you follow the markets and understand whats going on you know this economic bubble will burst. You know countries are moving away from the dollar and not buying our debt anymore. Take a look at loans for a second, people once again are just getting by making car or mortgage payments on loans with INSANELY LOW interest rates. What happens when the Fed has to raise rates? Uh huh! All this money poured into the market has to be brought back to maintain/ sustain the value of the dollar. Interest rates have to go up, it’s inevitable, the Fed knows this but also knows, like Schiff points out “All we’re doing now is giving more drugs to a drug addict and that is not going to solve the drug addicts problem!”

This isn’t rocket science folks you can’t print money for almost a decade with next to zero interest rates and expect the dollar to have any sort of value.

This guy Timothy Seymour riding Schiff reminds me of all the jackASSES who mocked Schiff before the 2008 crash… where are most of them now? Yea exactly! You would think these children would learn their lesson when someone who was right before is again ringing the warning bell. Granted it took a few yrs for the crash Schiff predicted to happen, but it did. He’s been warning about the next collapse that will be far worse than 08 and he isn’t the only one, other experts, like Harvey Dent, have been putting up the red flag too. But it’s dolts like Seymour who trivialize them like they’re trying to push a book with their doom and gloom talk and where he’ll tell you “all is well” in the middle of chaos!

Do not listen to these “everything is fine” financial “experts” regardless of what their pedigree/resume says. These were the same people who mocked and ridiculed Schiff when he warned 08 collapse was coming and no one listened because naysayers like Seymour said “all is well”. How many people lost everything because of know-it-alls like him?