If Dems Want to Ban AR-15’s They Might as Well Ban Revolvers Too! Here’s Why


Democrats and the gun control lobby are on full attack mode to ban the AR-15 making false claims ignoring the fact that many weapons are more powerful or have the same capabilities.

The first lie gun grabbers use is that it is an “assault weapon”. There is no such thing, this is a made up term the democrats have been using to make something sound like a machine gun which these weapons are not. They are semi-automatic, which means with one pull of the trigger only one round is expelled and the weapon resets to fire one round. A machine gun is capable of selective fire, meaning it can fire in semi-auto or full automatic (multiple rounds expelled with one pull& hold of the trigger).

The next lie gun grabbers are now using is that the AR-15 is a “weapon of war”. WRONG, the US military would never use this weapon, it’s actually inferior to the M16A4 also known as the M4 (full auto fire capable).

AR-15’s cannot be modified to fire full auto, they require extensive modifications and parts one cannot easily obtain. Machine guns cannot be easily obtained either. They require an extensive background check by the ATF(aka the govt aka the OBAMA admin), a tax stamp and then there is the high price tag starting at $10,0000 and up. Of the 300+ million guns in circulation only 250K are full auto, are very old and many don’t even work!

Some gun grabbers like Rep Alan Grayson claim LIE this weapon can fire “700 rounds in a minute”…

…while others at the state level like CA State Senator Kevin de Leon have made even crazier comments…

And then we have guys like Beto O’Rourke comparing this sporting rifle to military grade select fire weapon calling for an outright confiscation…

Truth of the matter is, a gun will fire as fast as one can pull the trigger and load another round in the chamber. So if democrats want to ban the AR-15 because it shoots “700 rounds a minute” or “thirty magazine clip in half a second” what about revolvers?

12 rounds in 2.99 seconds…

Now granted Mr Jerry Miculek is an expert but anyone can buy a revolver and speed loaders (moon clips etc). Revolvers are easy to use, capable of firing as fast as an AR-15 and delivers a projectile that can do quite more damage. If given the choice most would prefer getting hit by a high-speed rifle round like a .22/ .223 (small & light) than a large-caliber (heavy) pistol round traveling at low-speed!

Democrats your fear and lack of understanding basic ballistics and mechanics of these machines does not supersede Americans God-Given/ Natural rights to self-defense with a firearm. You can’t ban one because it looks scary but more importantly according to you “shoots fast and is capable of being reloaded fast” but not the others with similar capabilities. I haven’t even addressed semi-auto pistols, certain shotguns and rifles which by your logic to ban the AR-15 they too must be banned as well!

Furthermore many on your side have already admitted no law would have stopped any of the mass shootings or terrorist attacks. This nonsense has to stop. Attacking one’s rights while ignoring the real threats is not helping any of us.

Oh and all you’re doing is helping criminals and terrorists. You’re telling them what to do and how to do it with you constant overreactions and power grabs! They now know to use AR-15’s in attacks because you want to ban them making the people defenseless! If you’re going to push to ban the AR-15 you might as well ban revolvers and everything in between.

Democrats, are you going to call to ban fingers and hands next??