Good News! Emails RNC Requested Under FOIA From State Dept Will Be Avail in 75 Years (Watch)

You see stupid Americans 75 years from now we’ll all be dead, especially those who would end up behind bars (HILLARY and her lackeys) and it won’t matter who said/ did what. This govt is beyond corrupt, this is certifiable proof no matter what excuse spokesidiot Mark Toner comes up and saying it’s “not outlandish” is a slap in the face to every single American because it is. Blaming court documents and the requests won’t fly with any of us because we have these things called computers that do A LOT of things very fast.

Oh btw this also proves the State Dept is now complicit with covering up whatever laws Hillary broke and any criminal acts she has committed while Sec of State!

WHEN the FBI lets Hillary go free it will be confirmation the US is a Banana Republic with 2 sets of rules.