House Democrats Who Protested Moment of Silence, Repeal the Second Amendment

House democrats disrupted a moment of silence for the victims of the Orlando terror attack demanding gun legislation, shouting “where’s the bill?”. So in response I call them out to introduce a bill to…

…repeal the Second Amendment.

No, I’m not crazy, nor is this an insane post. The democrats (aka progressives) have been dancing around the gun ban/ confiscation issue for far too long. They have made demands to close this loophole and that loophole, pushing regulation after regulation, issuing countless laws at the federal level while many states roll out their own laws restricting the American people’s gun rights. Progressives are forcing the people to jump through one hoop after another while they chip away at our fundamental right to self-defense/preservation, moving extremely slow towards their end goal of a ban/ confiscation.

It is time for progressives to put their big boy and girl pants on, stop this cowardly chipping away at the Second Amendment and bring a bill forward to the House and Senate floors to repeal the Second Amendment. Some out there suggest a re-write, or amending the one amendment with its own “Do Not Touch” clause. A complete and total gun ban and immediate confiscation is their end goal, it’s what they want. So why not stop with the little hit and run bills democrats? Stop playing games, it’s time to have THE debate and vote once and for all.

America call your elected democratic leaders bluff, put them on the spot to take this giant leap. And then watch them squirm and hide making excuses “it’s not necessary”, that “we just need some common sense laws in place”! Really? Common sense laws is all they have been doing for decades slowly, methodically chipping away at the Second Amendment! All those Gun Free Zones, aka soft targets aka Free Killing Zones, that lunatics, criminals and terrorists strike at are a clear example of their “common sense” legislating. Force democrats hands demand they bring a bill to repeal the Second Amendment so we can put this argument to a rest and then watch the nation turn on every single one of them.

If not these destroyers of the Republic will continue with this bill and that bill until one day you will get a knock on the door, a warrant will be handed to you to hand over your weapons. That’s their long-term play and don’t say it can’t happen, look at what progressives have accomplished in the last 100 years. They’ve taken over just about everything quietly, subtlety, methodically from education to the environment, healthcare, political correctness being a driving force behind every issue etc. Give them time they will legislate, regulate and tax guns right our from under everyone who says “they can have my guns, but they’ll get the bullets first”. Not one shot will be fired!

Alan Grayson, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of you in “democrats” in Congress put up or shut up!