State Dept: Iran Loophole Not “Secret,” Because Obama Admin Knew, Hid From Public

This administration has blatantly hidden information from the American people on a serious issue of national security. The Iranians cannot be trusted, they are and will continue to develop nuclear weapons regardless of any “deal” they make with ANYONE.

If we had real leadership in Congress they would do something but they’re too busy worrying about securing their own little kingdoms with this upcoming election cycle. They will care when a major city someone around the globe is left glowing for the next 5000 years!

Obama Withheld from Congress Another Secret Side Deal with the Iranians
by Fred Flitz NationalReview
Veteran Associated Press IAEA reporter George Jahn made news yesterday by revealing a secret agreement to the July 2015 nuclear deal with Iran (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA). This agreement says that in January 2027, Tehran will be allowed to replace the primitive 5,060 uranium centrifuges it is allowed to operate while the nuclear agreement is in effect with more-advanced designs, even though other restrictions on Iranian uranium enrichment remain in place for 15 years.

I believe this is a significant development because it represents another secret JCPOA side deal that the Obama administration illegally withheld from Congress.

This agreement means that in only eleven years, Iran will be permitted to substantially increase its capability to produce nuclear fuel faster and in larger amounts…read more