Glenn Beck Responds to Hannity’s Threats Against People He Says Are Sabotaging Election

This clip is from Aug 11 where Glenn Beck responded to Sean Hannity’s threats towards anyone who will not get in line with Trump:

“I’m not responsible for Hillary Clinton.. we warned.. we had to beat Hillary Clinton and we warned and if we were not powerful enough to get Ted Cruz to be the nominee we’re certainly not powerful enough to have Donald Trump trailing by 13 points. I mean if we had the power of 13 points Ted Cruz would be the nominee.”

Those on-board with Hannity clearly ignore this fact Beck lays out. How can people who didn’t have the numbers/ power to get their candidate to the nomination now have the power to sway an election? They don’t which means Hannity’s rants are nothing but nonsense and classic CYA!

We get one excuse after another when Trump makes serious gaffes that were “just suggestions” or he was being “sarcastic” that Hannity then piles on because deep down Sean knows he screwed up, as Jonah GoldBerg pointed out:
“Unless, the issue is that you know he can’t be presidential, so you don’t want to risk asking him to be. Or maybe you just prefer having stuff to gripe about every night to the amen corner? Or maybe, deep down, you realized just how massively you screwed up – and screwed us – by backing this guy and you’d rather pass the buck elsewhere? Or maybe you just want Hillary Clinton to win?”

This must be the case because Trump is doing one hell of a job campaigning for HRC. Every single time he opens his mouth he gives Clinton more ammo to use. On top of that he and his surrogates (i.e. Hannity) seem more concerned about everyone else but HRC. Many of us agree with Sean that HRC is horrible, as Beck points out, but we also did everything in our power to warn Trump was a bad candidate. You didn’t want to listen Sean, you pushed Trump over all the other candidates when the polls months ago said the same things they say today that he is losing to Clinton. So understand this Mr Hannity, YOU OWN TRUMP.