Illegal Immigrant Tries to Shout Down Pastor Who Supports Trump

Pastor Mark Burns handled this illegal alien like a champ. Whether they’re illegals or some progressive tool these radicals seem to think screaming in someones face is going to get them to change their mind and submit.

Democrats will never stop pulling the race card ignoring the fact they are the party responsible for the KKK, Jim Crow slavery etc! They also fail to understand they’ve watered the charge of down where the only people hearing their calls are their own kind. I feel sorry for those who fall victim to legitimate racism because no one will believe them.

Back to that illegal who got in Burns’ face, YES, I would like to see you, your mother, father and little sister deported because you do not belong in this country. Youre in the US illegally, you do not have a right to be here and since there are so many racists running around you should leave! FYI the 13th Amendment does not apply to anchor babies like yourself and little sister!

Oh and lose the hair-bun you freak…