Libertarian Candidate Johnson Defends Black Lives Matter on Fox’s The Five

For a libertarian candidate Gary Johnson sure as hell sounds like a liberal dem! He clearly stretched the stats out that Bolling refuted but there are others at Fox who could have done a better job. For Johnson to ask Juan Williams, a hardcore progressive, for help just goes to show he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and needed a progressive who likes to push pure propaganda to make his argument! If I were a libertarian I would find Johnson’s candidacy an insult and this just goes to show libertarians, like constitutional conservatives, have zero representation in this election.

Black Lives Matter is hate group, fitting the FBI’s definition of domestic terrorists that is run by a bunch of radical revolutionaries. I do feel sorry for those who are part of it for legit reasons; but that’s what happens when Soros is writing the check, the radical revolutionaries take over.