State Dept Spokesman Explains $400M Iran Payment Wasn’t Ransom But Leverage

To add insult to injury and showing the arrogance of the obama regime State Dept spokesman John Kirby takes to the camera to explain to us that the $400M payment to Iran wasn’t a ransom after he admitted it earlier today. You see America you’re too stupid to know what ransom means even though it’s exactly what this admin did with Iran so now Kirby will spell it out. According to the obama admin paying for the release of Americans was leverage! Well of course thank you so much John and what is up is down, white is black, solid is liquid!

It’s just pure evil how this admin treats the American people redefining words and retelling history to protect their corruption.

As for the Hague argument and this is Iran’s money Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr didn’t care to return the money but all of sudden obama cares!? Lets be honest the money was to be exchanged for a weapons sale but then Iran went into revolution. So as far as the avg American is concerned with the amount of blood and treasure spilled over the last 3+ decades at the hands of Iranians and their proxies their loss!