WH Defends $400M Ransom to Iran, Admits May Fund Terrorism

Americans don’t care about a decades old military equip sale that went gone bad with a nation who wants to see the US destroyed. For all the headaches, chaos and blood spilled the Iranians have caused over the decades consider us even by keeping the money! No other admin since 1970’s seems to care about giving the death cult nation its money back except the imperial obama regime!

The $400 mil was no doubt ransom payment and has set a terrible precedent, among many from obama, for our enemies around the world. They now know all they have to do is kidnap some Americans charge them with a bs crime and soon enough a few pallets of money will show up. And then to make matters worse they will use said ransom to fund terrorists who will kill Americans and our allies.

This deal is as “successful” as ISIS is a JV team and contained!