Feds Rushing Immigration Process to Grant Citizenship Before Election

uscis-statement-rush-immigrationAmerica just think about all those undocumented democrats waiting in line (apparently) are getting rushed through the immigration process just in time for the election! Time is running out to get these new undocumented democrats registered, not that it matters since the democrat party wrote the book on voter fraud. The regime never ceases to amaze what lengths it will go to ruin an election and secure obama’s “legacy”. Also take note this is clear indication of the democrats via the admin to redefine the US’s demographics.

And Jeh Johnson I’m sure you’re making sure the “i’s” are dotted, “t’s” crossed and all of these people are being properly vetted! I mean you wouldn’t want to order this overtime and push to grant as many undocumented immigrants(waiting in line) citizenship knowing the threats posed against the US?! You wouldn’t want the responsibility for granting citizenship to someone who is a threat with questionable background but it all got overlooked as it did with Tashfeen Malik (San Bernardino terrorist), right?!