Midnight Oct 1st Obama Will Give Up Control of the Internet

Freedom of speech on the internet as we know is going to change after midnight Oct 1st. Only four states are taking action suing the obama regime to stop the handing over of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to a global body (a “UN” for the internet) where Russia, China and Iran (who already censor the internet within their borders) will have a say for everyone! More states need to jump on board immediately to stop this transfer of power because once it’s gone that’s it we’ll never get it back!

It doesn’t matter if your left or right, if you like taking to the web to express your opinion freely that freedom is under direct threat in less than 2 days!

FTR Ted Cruz did everything he could to stop obama, but because so many have bad blood towards him this handover of power barely got any attention. This divisiveness within the GOP/ conservative movement has to stop… actions have consequences, this one will hurt us all.